April 9, 2008

I hate my computer

I really have to get a new computer. I swear something so simple like uploading a picture to photobucket shouldn't take 30 minutes to do. It makes me so angry but I can't do it on the PC because it doesn't connect to my camera without fancy software and it also doesn't have photo shop.

What's worse is that once I finally upload the picture I find out it is blurry. Oh well. Maybe I'll take a new photo soon.

Also, I can't find my camera. It has to be around here somewhere because I know I brought it home. I had to use my old old camera to take that photo.

Here's the point of this post - I made some earrings yesterday. I went to a new bead shop and was kind of disappointed with their prices. I think I'm going to stick with my normal bead store.

I'm planning another sewing project, this time a dress with some pretty nifty fabric.

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