April 22, 2008

Today is Earth Day

as Oprah has reminded me and already I feel guilty because I have, again, forgotten to bring my shopping back out with me in my car when I went to go buy scrapbooking supplies and to Target. Usually I'm good about craft shopping because I skip the bag and put everything in my big purse (that has a hole in it that I still haven't fixed, ugh) but it just slipped my mind this time. I should take those bags to HEB and get a free bag. They're doing that today.

I also just remembered to register for classes... must go do that.

For earth day I feel compelled to eat organic. I think I want to start doing organic dairy. Actually I think from now on I'm going to try to just eat organic anything.

I also went to Target and bought some sunblock 'cause those bastards at the airport threw out my old one. Damn. And I bought those Crest white strips because they were on super sale. I tried putting them on but they were weird and sticky and slippery and I gave up on my first bottom strip. Those are going to take some getting used to.

And at home I made this card. Justin's little sister is going to have another baby in about a week so I made a congratulations card.

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