March 31, 2008

Photo Slide Lampshade

So I saw this idea online a long long time ago but didn't have the supplies to do it. Well now I finally made it.

It's a lampshade made from old photo slides, in this case my mom's photos from her escapades in Europe in 1970. Those slides were packed away in little boxes. It's nice to see them displayed. You can see photos of London and monuments in Rome, snow covered peaks in Switzerland and little streets in unknown villages. They remind me of the stories my mom used to tell me about her backpacking adventures.

Basically I ripped off the shade on my lamp to just the round metal ring. Then I took the slides and carefully poked holes on each side with a thumb tack, worked pretty well but it took quite a while to build up a batch of slides. I didn't have big enough jump rings so I used two smaller rings to connect them together. I think there are around 40 slides.

You really need to use a low watt light bulb for safety's sake. I don't use this lamp too often but it's a pretty accent light.

The only thing I wish was that the big ring was a large enough to fit in one more column of slides so it wouldn't sort of pinch in a little at the top. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos what I mean.

Why did I not know about this earlier?

Craft-o-Rama - a specialty indie craft and fabric store in Austin!?!!?!?!?11?!

Wasn't it only a few weeks ago that I was in that shopping area where that craft store is located? Why did I not see this?

Mmmmm.... yummy yummy fabric prints.

Must. Go. Tomorrow!

Also must get job but whatev.

March 27, 2008

Sew me up, Sew me down

So, I sew. Mostly clothes. I started out mainly with handbags but I don't do that as much anymore. Once I got in college I finally figured out how to follow patterns (reading directions really helps) and started making dresses and shirts. I haven't tried pants. They're a bit complicated when it comes to jeans and pants with lots of pockets. I've tried altering patterns and using my own.

I've made a few things that I can wear but there naturally have been some mess ups. It's all in the learning process.

My main beef with the whole sewing thing is that I can never seem to find great fashion fabric. Just plain old cotton. None of this quiting muslim fleece felt polyester faux silk bullshit. I just want plain old, not too heavy, shirting type material. Is this so hard!?

All we have in this city is your classic chain store and home decor fabric shops that really don't have a good selection of what I need. I've tried looking online but you can never really tell the weight of the fabric from a picture.

What I really want to try to make is this shirt. Not very difficult to replicate. I'd just rather not spend $70 on it.

I'd also want to try to do this dress:

and this one:

I really dig the boat neck and the kind of 1930s cap sleeve.

Isn't that the most hot tranny mess you've ever seen?

These are all Built by Wendy designs who I found out about from her line of patterns (and of course I own nearly all of them).

My boyfriend Justin really knows my style and he's always saying "oh, that's a Dixie dress." Well, this stuff is definatly "dixie style."

Anyway, this Wendy chick can't hate me too much for stealing her stuff. I mean, she taught me how to sew in the first place and if her clothes are too expensive I'll just do it myself.

I found this huge fabric store in Houston that I am now dying to check out next time I visit family. Hopefully in that 30,000 or so square ft I'll find SOMETHING to work with!