April 23, 2008

That dress

That I re-made after that mess that was produced the first time, remember that one? Well it finally turned out all right, at least Lucy thinks so...

More Las Vegas images tomorrow. I have a doctor's visit early in the morning so I should be off to bed.

Oh, and I did end up buying some organic milk and it is yummy.

April 22, 2008

Today is Earth Day

as Oprah has reminded me and already I feel guilty because I have, again, forgotten to bring my shopping back out with me in my car when I went to go buy scrapbooking supplies and to Target. Usually I'm good about craft shopping because I skip the bag and put everything in my big purse (that has a hole in it that I still haven't fixed, ugh) but it just slipped my mind this time. I should take those bags to HEB and get a free bag. They're doing that today.

I also just remembered to register for classes... must go do that.

For earth day I feel compelled to eat organic. I think I want to start doing organic dairy. Actually I think from now on I'm going to try to just eat organic anything.

I also went to Target and bought some sunblock 'cause those bastards at the airport threw out my old one. Damn. And I bought those Crest white strips because they were on super sale. I tried putting them on but they were weird and sticky and slippery and I gave up on my first bottom strip. Those are going to take some getting used to.

And at home I made this card. Justin's little sister is going to have another baby in about a week so I made a congratulations card.

April 14, 2008

More crafty business

I tried making this dress. I need to learn my lesson to make a pattern before I run off cutting. Here is the shape I was envisioning for this project:

And this is what it is looking like so far:

Not exactly but more or less it is WAY to short, I messed up the waistline, the shoulders were too far apart, and it is generally too wide. Some of these things can be fixed but it has made me discouraged. With the fabric print the dress kind of looks like a weird 60s psychedelic go-go girl dress. I just need a bouffant and some white boots.

So instead I plan on ripping it up and changing it around and make it look more like another dress I have as a guide. I have a lot of sewing ahead of me which I am going to procrastinate on because I don't want to be too stressed.

As for more successful craft projects, I used most of my birthday goodies to make this scrapbook page featuring a photo you've already seen.

Oh! And I finally picked up that new Two Gallants album. It sounds mellower than what I expected but still good so far.

April 2, 2008

Cutting and ironing and stitching, oh my!

Two finished projects. Very productive of me I must say.

After the mishap of making that shirt too big and with fabric that I didn't really like I bought new fabric and made it again, only first too small. Alas, I re-did it again and now it fits. I ditched those things on the shoulders, mostly because I was lazy.

So this article from Craft Magazine reminded me of my idea to make a wrap skirt but never had the right fabric for it.

And excited by the discovery of that craft shop I heard about the other day I went there this afternoon and bought some nifty fabric for this skirt.

You can print out the pattern online but I was like screw it, I don't have enough ink for that, and instead just drew it free hand.

I also forgot to add pockets and was too lazy to do that either. And instead of using ribbon I went ahead and sewed up a band of the same fabric.

The reversible side is a nice soft denim, works with anything.

I also rented Sweeney Todd.

I saw it in the theater but the recent commercials made me want to watch it again. It's classic Tim Burton mixed with an awesome story line, great performances (both acting and singing). I really loved Helena Bonham Carter's character. I admit when I was in high school I wanted to be Marla Singer.