January 11, 2009

Christmas Crafts

I finally uploaded these pictures. For Christmas I was going to make some votive candles for gifts. Well that didn't turn out well. In fact I made a huge mess of wax all over the kitchen floor, some of which is still there. I'm still not completely sure some of the dishes I used are clean or not from wax residue. Those were with traditional wax.

Later I tried using gel wax - that transparent jello like stuff with bubbles in it. It worked muuuuccchhh better. Better to cut little pieces of, easier to melt and peel out of the pot.

So I got some mason jars and some cool looking shells from Hobby Lobby and came up with these:

The ones on the left are fresher, hence more bubbles on top.

I've also heard that the higher the temp of the gel the more bubbles there will be in the end result. Or maybe it's the other way around. I also noticed that as it cools the gel sinks a little bit. Probably the air bubbles being released (the bubbles float to the top).

And I also made soap:

Shea butter soap which I mixed with lavender vanilla scented oil and bits of orange peel and lavender. The orange spread out but the lavender floated to the top/bottom.

Justin also decided to make soap for his Mom for Christmas. Slightly gay, I know but he gets really creative sometimes.

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