January 31, 2009

Possible new crafts

I was feeling inspired to do a new craft. I wanted to do some kind of portrait but and since I'm not very good with painting I though of embroidery. My grandma used to embroider and she taught be how many years ago but I have not done it since. Luckily embroidery is very easy and I'm sure I can remember in a jiffy.

Austin has the Austin Craft Mafia, a group of local ladies banding together in the name of all things craft.

One of those women made Sublime Stitching which makes embroidery patterns as well as books and gifts.

I'm really digging the mermaid one.

I don't think I'll use a pattern but I kind of want to make portraits of Justin and I. Embroidery is a nice craft because you can do it almost anywhere and it can go by very quickly (unlike sewing which I always seem to mess up and have to go back five steps or knitting which takes months for me to finish a project! speaking of knitting, I still haven't even started on my scarf that I bought that nice red yarn for. Bad Dixie!)

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