February 24, 2009

I made my first sale!

Hooray for me! I sold three candles, all in the same glass style.

Also, my mail finally got forwarded and today I received -

- My new driver's license. In the vertical format rather than horizontal, like a normal 21+ year old. But my address is too long to fit so I had to take out several spaces and it looks like a jumbled mess. In the online survey for the Texas DMV I let them know how annoyed I was.

- My Faint tickets for April.

- Lots of coupons, most of which I won't use but some that could come in handy. The rest will be reused as packing paper.

- My graduation photos, a couple 5x7s.

- Info on my check card's rewards points. I have 106 points right now. For a round trip plane ticket I need 50,000. Ha!

Cristy and I went to a farmers market on Saturday and I bought -

- Chibata bread.
- Super fresh milk
- Granola
- A blueberry scone
- Blackberry Jelly (so amazing!)
- Some lemon ginger soap.... mmmm smells gooood!

Oh, and the animated short that I liked the least won at the Oscars. Oh, well.

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