February 20, 2009

A new adventure!

I'm selling my wares - well, my candles anyway. I've started a new pet project by making yummy smelling candles in vintage glass containers. It's fun. The candles look awesome and I've finally found a way to utilize my inner love for vintage glassware that otherwise I would never really use (cool glassware is nice and all, but unless I'm having weekly themed dinner parties where I can dress up my table a-la Semi Homemade no one would ever see my nifty colorful collections).

What a great way to combine a cool underused antique with something useful and decorative?

I have an Etsy shop: dixiediy.etsy.com and I'm trying to add new candles daily. I just bought three adorable green tea cups at goodwill the other day... I'm thinking cucumber melon?

I also try to be somewhat imaginative when it comes to photos - placing the candles in different arrangements with other vintage items. I've come to realize that I have quite of a bit of vintage/antique decor, more than I imagined. I think my apartment is now an even mix of IKEA and vintage with a little bit of Target and stolen/other goods mixed in. I'm hoping to lean more towards the vintage and unique rather than the IKEA (don't get me wrong, IKEA, I love you, but you're bringing me down.)

Hmm... once I get a good number of candles up I think I'll start advertising a little on various blogs and websites. Craft fairs, perhaps?

I'm going to yoga tonight, finally, after so long of not going!

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