March 6, 2009

New candles and curtains!

I finally updated my etsy shop with some new candles.

They're in these cute green tea cups. I have three of them but only one is in the shop right now.

Oh, and after trial and error and giving up and just going to Target for new curtain rods Justin helped me put up my curtains in the dining room. I bought some super cheap rods from IKEA but they were metal and needed to be cut to the correct length. Bolt cutters didn't work and I bought a saw from Home Depot but it wasn't a metal saw (even thought I bought it from the metal saw section). So I returned the saw and went out and found some simple silver rods.

Here's the finished results.

Justin also helped me hang this giant mirror that we got at the Linens and Things going out of business sale for $20.

Over my TV I arranged these frames that I got from IKEA as well. First I cut out the shapes of the frames in paper and taped them on the wall to get a good layout then I hung the real pictures once I was satisfied.

My apartment decorating is officially finished! At least what I can do right now. I'm still looking for a dresser for my bedroom and later I'll start arranging Justin's room.

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