April 30, 2009

Adding to the garden

Man, gardening is expensive, especially pots. I mean, it's terracotta! It's just hard dried dirt why it is $6 a pot???

I wanted some more color on the balcony so I went and bought some new flowers. If these hold up well and my herbs do ok I may feel confidant enough for real vegetables but after all this work with the herbs I might go for already grown plants rather than seeds. I need instant gratification.

All together now. The yellow ones are droopy but we'll see how they do in a few days. Lovely view of the air conditioners there.

I also bought some garden lights and although I already broke one (I'll have to buy a replacement. And I tried so hard not to break them, too!).

I'll plug them in as soon as I find my extension cord. Justin is moving in today and he's been bring over things from his house continuously so his room is flooded with all kinds of electrical stuff, cds, instruments, computer parts, tools, etc that I can't find anything right now.

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