April 27, 2009

Crafty time!

I was hit with the inspiration bug this weekend and went a little crazy - I made a weird wooden chandelier light thing which I might expand on or fix a little later. It's looking a bit small right now. I was inspired by a similar art piece hanging thing in Anthropologie a couple weeks ago.

I'm also in the middle of making coasters out of tiles and pictures, another blatant rip off of something I saw in a store here in town.

I started making this mosaic tile mirror thing for my balcony, my next decorating project but I didn't buy enough tiles. The next day I went to the craft store looking for more little glass tiles and there were none so then I got distracted by fun fabrics and now I'm making two dresses...

I'm in way over my head and none of these projects are finished! I think I'll finish the coaster set first. I've already attached sticky back cork to the bottom side of the tiles. Now I need to print out square photos and glue them to the tops and then cover the photos in a protective glaze. Shouldn't be too hard.

Pictures soon!

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