May 26, 2009

10 Things I Must Do This Summer

I implore you all to make must-do lists on your own blogs. Summertime always makes me want to go out and do things. This time I'm going to make it happen, I swear!

In no particular order -

  • Go tubing on one of the many fine rivers between Austin and San Antonio

  • Go to Schlitterbahn!!!! World's greatest water park. This is an absolute must! I don't care if you think you look fat in a swim suit, suck it up and come with me! That reminds me, I need to buy a new swim suit.

  • Take thai cooking classes with Adriane at Thai Fresh.

  • Go to Ohio or Miami with Justin's family.

  • Read some books! My book club picked Three Cups of Tea for this month, and of course, when I went to Half Price Books they didn't have it in stock but did I walk out empty handed? No, their sale lured me to buy a Jane Austen book and another Earnest Hemingway novel. Didn't I just do a post about how I have too many unread books in my apartment? Oh, well. Now I'm in the middle of Mansfield Park.

  • Sew more. I have a dress that needs to be made and a quilt that's been in progress for about 2 years that need to be sewn together. This summer it shall be finished!

  • Buy a bike rack for my car so I can take my bike to Town Lake! Perhaps I'll do that this afternoon.

  • See some sports games - Austin Aztex Soccer and Texas Roller Girls Roller Derby!

  • Take some sort of fun class - Bowling lessons perhaps? Or fencing maybe? Or rowing? Yay for learning new things.

  • Go to the Farmer's Market more often for some yummy good food!

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  1. Did you ever finish the blue snowflake quilt?