June 24, 2009

Makin' stuff

I've been busy busy busy making canldes these past couple days. I have about 14 more to make, ugh. So many!

Also, back in the beginning of June Cristy and I taped a band here in Austin play a show and it's finally edited and all uploaded - you can watch a song from it here.

I've been busy paying bills today - electric, health insurance, credit cards. Lame!

But in some good news - Jenni and Blaine are getting married next month on the beach in Rockport, TX, which is good for me because technically it's not Corpus and I've made a somewhat halfassed pledge never to go back to Corpus, but whatever. Poor Justin, though, 1pm in the middle of June with no shade! How will he live? At least there's a cool ocean breeze, sort of. I think I already know what gift I'm going to get them...


  1. Love all the new candles. You should totally keep the daisy one for yourself....it's too "Dixie" to pass up.

  2. we should get together! I'll drive out to Rockport???