November 17, 2009

Belated Halloween

(I hope you like my new festive layout. I'm trying to practice my web design skillz.)

Yes, I know it is late. Perhaps it was all the stress I put into carving my pumpkin but I neglected to post some photos.

I had some friends over a few days before Halloween to carve pumpkins and eat yummy treats. (Megan you missed out. I know you read this!) I didn't even bother to take a good picture of my costume.
I was a Greek Goddess or something like that. I made a sheath dress out of layers of linen. Trimmed it in gold ribbon and tied it with a gold rope. Then I took the left over leaves from the flower bunches I had used to make this Halloween wreath. I wrapped the leaves up with some jewelry wire (which was a little too thin, so get thick wire if you ever want to make it) and spray painted it gold.

I tried to be ambitious with my pumpkin carving. I hadn't put too much thought into my design but I knew I wanted some sort of scene with a spooky tree and a moon and maybe a ghost or something. I was trying to do that half carving trick where you mostly just shave off the outer layer so the light glows through but not as much as if it was a full hole. Yeah, didn't work. And I got frustrated and gave up after about three hours of man handling that pumpkin.

Justin's pumpkin was more successful. His pumpkin even made it on

I read this cool idea for "bleeding candles." You melt a red candle over a white one so it looks like blood. Turns out they sell these for real but it's just a red candle wrapped in white so when it melts the red inside "bleeds." Oh well. Adriane game me this cute idea to put the candles in apples because I never found candle holders I liked.

I even made these little treat bags. I bought party treat bags, filled them with some of my favorite candies and stapled holiday paper over the top and added a little trick or treat stamp.

As for real Halloween I didn't have any plans so Adriane stopped by to hang out. Then Cristy called and we ended up going bowling that night instead!

We only had one trick or treat-er on Halloween. A little girl with her dad who waited down stairs. We didn't expect anyone to come by and all the candy we had left was a half eaten box of Sprees so we gave her that. Poor girl. I don't know what was worse, getting second hand candy or having to carry around all your candy in a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. No lie.


  1. I love the Halloween ideas! very cute. Your costume looks great. It looks just like one that my friend bought. So it's even cooler that you made it.

    The new layout is adorable too.

  2. I <3 Halloween crafts. Yours look so much fun! And your costume is chic. Love it!