June 24, 2009

Makin' stuff

I've been busy busy busy making canldes these past couple days. I have about 14 more to make, ugh. So many!

Also, back in the beginning of June Cristy and I taped a band here in Austin play a show and it's finally edited and all uploaded - you can watch a song from it here.

I've been busy paying bills today - electric, health insurance, credit cards. Lame!

But in some good news - Jenni and Blaine are getting married next month on the beach in Rockport, TX, which is good for me because technically it's not Corpus and I've made a somewhat halfassed pledge never to go back to Corpus, but whatever. Poor Justin, though, 1pm in the middle of June with no shade! How will he live? At least there's a cool ocean breeze, sort of. I think I already know what gift I'm going to get them...

June 12, 2009


image by Craig Ballin from here

We had a huge storm last night and since I was at work then running around to an AT&T store (thinking about adding Justin on as a family plan and upgrading to an iPhone...) and then to yoga I never noticed a storm-a-brewin'. In fact I didn't even realize the sky was darkening when Justin and I drove down to Lake Austin to eat dinner at Abel's on the Lake (Hula Hut next door was way too busy). We watched the clouds hover over from our table by the window and right before we dug into a delicious mound of fried ice cream the downpour began.

I had already accepted the fact that we were going to get wet so after dinner we made the mad dash to the parking lot up the hill and across the street from the restaurant. It's summer and naturally I thought it'd be a warm rain but it was so cold! Once we made it to the car tiny hail started falling but that was all the hail we saw. The wipers were on full blast and luckily I had a towel in the backseat of the car and we made it home safely.

This morning I heard that my boss and his family were shoved in a bathroom fearing tornadoes and turns out Vanessa was as well, although in another part of town. We didn't have to worry about that, fortunately. I'm glad everyone's safe and I hope no one has bad car damage from the hail.