August 18, 2009

It's only taken me two weeks

Well, technically it's been a month since my high school buddies Jenni and Blaine got married on the beach in Rockport, TX but it's only been about two weeks that I've been working on this scrapbook album for them. I was a somewhat unofficial photographer for their wedding so I gathered some of my favorite shots and made this album. I finally shipped it off today and cleaned up my messy messy bedroom and dining room table.

I was trying for a literary theme because Jenni's always loved books and music but to my surprise it's difficult to find good love quotes by famous writers. Most of the time when they write about love it's all about heartbreak or unrequited love, not exactly the sentiment I was going for. As for music lyrics, very few love songs that aren't cheesy or ones that she would like aren't always so explicitly about love or never even fully mention the word "love." In the end I found some quotes that worked.

August 16, 2009

Finally finished crafts

A long time ago I posted a half finished embroidery project. Well, it's finally completed as is another little project I did - a picture frame made from folded up bits of magazines.

At first I tried rolling the strips of paper ala this mirror from Urban Outfitters but for the life of me I couldn't get the paper to roll so instead I more or less folded it.

I cut and glued all the strips to fit this wooden frame I picked up at Hobby Lobby and attached the embroidery to the back. Now it's on the wall in my bedroom. Crafty crafty crafty.