January 25, 2010

Daisies are my favorite flower

I am ever so slightly aching for spring. Winters are mild here and these past few days the weather has been tempting me with 70 degrees and sunny skies even though it is January. I can't help but look forward to blooming flowers by the lake, bike rides, music festivals and my birthday.

The problem is that here springtime fades so quickly in to brutal summers and while I love summer here in theory with swimming and vacations and ice cream, an Austin summer is always so so hot that just going outdoors between noon and 5 is like asking to be hospitalized with heat stroke.

I wish it could be SoCal weather here in Texas where I could get away with wearing light jackets on summer evenings and tights all year round. Maybe I should just migrate up north in the summer time and avoid all the sweat and boiling temperatures.

It's a tough call. On the one hand I want spring to get here as soon as possible but knowing that means that summer will catch up to spring so quick it will be gone in a flash. I should stop being so restless and just enjoy my January.

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  1. just found your blog through Gussy and absolutely LOVE it! great photos!! that clipboard project is such a great idea - i've actually been wanting to make some chalkboards for my work space. can you find chalkboard paint at most craft stores?

    p.s. i just adore your candles -- such a great idea to use vintage glass vases!! plus, soy candles are the best - so much more fragrant & longer-lasting!

    anyway, glad i found your blog :)

  2. hey, thanks! I bought the chalkboard paint at a chain hardware store. It came in a quart size can like regular paint. You might find it at a craft store but I doubt it.

    I'd also say to use it on a flat surface like a door. I originally painted part of that wall that the clipboards are on with the paint but the wall was so textured it was difficult to read the chalk writing.