February 25, 2010

I love things that look like other things

Kind of like how I like miniature versions of normal things like those mini coke cans or mini doughnuts and the original Austin Mini. So cute!

I really love the idea of soaps that look like food like these on etsy. They're so fun but they're too pretty to use! (click on images for sources)

Mmmmm, all of those remind me of the cool cupcake designs in Hello Cupcake. The TV dinner is my favorite! (by the way, if anyone would like to buy me that book for my birthday or for any reason I'd be very happy)

Now I'm hungry. Too bad I left my leftovers I was going to have for lunch at home.


  1. Noooo, I could never own these - I'd just get hungry every time I got into the shower! :D

  2. Wow these look great! Though I think I'd try taking a bite if I was half-asleep in the shower! Mmm soap!


  3. I agree with the other ladies, I would forget they were soap and eat them.

    That could be a pretty good prank actually. especially the Popsicle ones. haha

    I was sent here from Frecklednest.com, by the way. =]

  4. I'm so in love with miniatures that I'm worried they're going to get a restraining order. I have drawerfulls and I still can't get enough. On the brightside I never have a problem going on airplanes.

  5. The jam and toast looks incredibly real - are you sure it is soap?

  6. Wehaf - yeah, it's soap. I have no idea how they get the bread texture so real looking. they probably melt and pour colored glycerin soap for the jelly.

  7. Those little puppy cupcakes are unbearably cute!