February 22, 2010

I'm back!

Had a good time visiting with family but it's good to be home.

Last night I had a movie watching marathon while crafting. In all I ended up watching On the Waterfront, North By Northwest (both again) and all four plus hours of Doctor Zhivago. Amazing, epic, tragic... I don't know how I'll ever recover. Ok, I'll stop exaggerating but it does make me want to learn more about Russia. Why do the best love stories always happen during war? If you like historical romances you really should watch this movie.

Stay tuned. I'll post a couple scrapbooking pages I finished last night later on today.


  1. Those movies are all some of my favorites! On the waterfront rocks and Doctor Zhivago is such a great film! Good choices :)

  2. Lovely blog - I've just found you through Freckled Nest and am now following :) I've never watched Doctor Zhivago, but I fancy it now!


  3. visiting from freckled nest and am so happy to find such inspiration- love it!

  4. Saying hi from freckled nest! I've only ever seen that movie once. It may be time to see it again, considering I don't remember much of it! LOL! Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorites.

  5. visiting from the freckled nest. love your header!