February 23, 2010

It's snowing today!

I know most people wouldn't be so excited about this right now but this is Austin, TX. It never snows! I'm at work right now but I really want to be out playing. I'm not even wearing socks right now, that ought to tell you a little about Austin winters. It's not even that much snow, maybe a centimeter but it still counts. Justin dubbed it "snowmagedon" well, it is for us.

My iPhone can't really capture the snow very well and my car is white already anyway. That and my view from my office window is just of other ugly buildings so here are some prettier pictures of how I'm feeling about the snow right now! Yay!

I wish I could go home and sleep in while it snows...


  1. I love these pictures! Wow!! Incredible blog! xoxo

  2. You know you're an amazing photographer, right? Of course you know that! But everyone loves to be reminded of their talents. So here's the reminder:

    You're an AMAZING photographer!