March 6, 2010

French Curve

By the way, that cat found it's owner. Just wanted to keep ya in the loop.

I keep hearing about this thing over and over but have never noticed one in stores. Anyone out there ever had experience in using a French Curve? This is a cheap set from Amazon.

Basically, it's like a template of various curves for pattern making (or many other applications). I've been just tracing other patterns I have to make curves for neck openings and arm holes and the like but maybe it's worth using one of these even thought right now I'm not exactly sure how I would use it.

It's such a nice day. I'll think I'll go shopping.

1 comment:

  1. my best friend is an architect and I know she uses it for her drawings... not very helpful. : ) I love curvey lines, though, so I would love to just play around with one of these!