March 23, 2010

I am a lazy crafter

  • I don't bother to reset the tension on my serger depending on the weight of my fabric.
  • I don't iron fabric as much as I should and I rarely wash it before I sew.
  • I don't clean up in between projects.
  • I leave pins on the floor (eek! not on purpose, just if I can't find them by glancing around I don't bother to keep looking. I always find them eventually).
  • Sometimes I don't bother to wind up a bobbin with matching thread and just use whatever is already wound. Who cares if the colors don't match.
  • I use my paper scissors on fabric and fabric scissor on paper - not good!
  • Sometimes I don't bother to finish edges on hems or properly measure my hems. Bad Dixie!
  • I forget to wash glue or paint of my paint brushes until it's too late.
  • I also leave the lid of my glue bottle until the edges of the rim get all hard and I can't screw the lid back on.
  • I never keep my glue gun and glue sticks in the same place (silly, I know).
  • I tie really crappy knots because I'm too lazy to find a better method of knot tying.
I know I'm not the only one who can be lazy when crafting. I can't help it. I want instant gratification. Yeah, yeah, people say it's the journey not the destination. Well, they're wrong. I just want a project to be finished so I can enjoy it. And I don't want to clean up after it either. So there. I have no shame. And if things aren't perfect then that's alright.

How are you a lazy crafter? Or are you the kind who diligently makes sure every detail is the best quality it can be and everything is organized and taken care of afterward? If so, I envy you.


  1. I must say, I gasped when I read about the scissors. My scissors say "fabric only" and I gave my boyfriend a stern talking to about it when I bought them.

    Sometimes I don't measure properly and I am awful at knots but for the most part I don't craft as much because I tend to be a perfectionist about it which leads to one project taking weeks instead of a couple days.

    Maybe we should craft together and balance each other out!

  2. I definitely have the impulse to be a lazy crafter, but I'm such a perfectionist generally in life that it has transferred over to my knitting... I will sometimes leave a project that I knew I could've done better as it is, but it will definitely be bugging me somewhere deep inside. The people who receive them as gifts do not know they are imperfect, because they're not knitters, but I know, and I just can't help it bugging me. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a bad thing. : )

  3. indeed i am home and i need to get to crafting! love your craft organization :) good job!!

  4. we are very alike! i move on quickly, sew things without patterns, just cut and sew (whatever thread is loaded!) and WING IT..some of the best creations come out that way! glad to know im not the only one...

  5. grace- i don't do it often, i swear!

    fridica- when I make stuff for others I am much more diligent about making sure things are just right but if it's just for me then I think no one else will notice anyway ;)

    mai- yay!

    miss makes a lot- I wish I could say my "winging it" experiments always turned out cool but alas, they're probably 70% bad, but I'm getting better with all the practice!