March 30, 2010


I've been having a rough week. Nothing specific (well, except for issues with my health insurance but that's way too long of a story for here), just in general. So I've been down and mopey and felt the need to make something to help get me out of this little slump.

(Sorry for the poor image quality. I left my camera in my friend's glove box and only have my old point and shoot. This is also the first time I ever stitched on a scrapbook page. I've always been to lazy to unpack the sewing machine before but this time it was already out.)

Whenever I go on a little jog around my normal route along the lake downtown I always look forward to the halfway point. You cross a pedestrian bridge under the highway and on the other side are benches and free water from coolers lined up for runners. I'll get myself a nice cold cup of water while listening to iTunes and look over back at the bridge. On the side of the bridge scribbled in black spray paint are the words "the only magic I still believe in is love."

Apparently someone marked this phrase in a few other places across town but this is the only one I've ever seen. I can't help but smile when I read it. It's like a little special secret that someone has let you in on.

Every time I go for a jog I always make sure to look for it but this last time I didn't see it. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right spot. Maybe they painted over it. I'm not sure but I looked and looked from my normal standing spot but couldn't find it.

That is kind of how I have felt lately. Excited and hopeful then let down and disappointed. I'm not trying to sound like something terrible has happened lately, I'm just in a funk right now. Everyone's had one but I'll get over it. I just really hope I was mistaken and they didn't paint over those words. It is little things like that that make me love this city!

Oh well, I'm off to go play dominoes with the boyfriend, goodnight!

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  1. I had a pretty bad spell at the beginning of this year - pretty much all of January and February I was just feeling miserable and melancholy and lonely, and nothing I did helped. But then, one day, I realized it had disappeared and I hadn't even noticed it... Yay!
    And if the sign was painted over, then it can be encouragement to find new little things, or perhaps discover the other matching signs around the city. :)