March 13, 2010

Shopping spree

Sunday I woke up excited to go ride bikes and enjoy the outdoors. Then I opened the curtains to reveal the dismal abyss that is a cloudy day in Austin, TX. So naturally, I changed my plans and went to Ikea instead.

Well, first I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to look for one of those hanging fruit baskets but alas, they had none in the store. Then in the back of my mind I thought maybe Ikea would have one. Turns out they didn't but I did walk out with a bunch of other fun goodies to help organize my dining room/craft room.

Button jars! Four for $3!

I am loving these hanging bar basket things. I bought three bars, a bag of hanging hooks for all my scissors, a big basket for paints and a smaller basket for glitter. Now I am realizing that I should have bought more hanging baskets and I want to find some kind of basket or jar for pens and markers. Hmm... looks like I'm already due for another Ikea trip.

And yes, those are embroidered portraits of myself and my boyfriend 'cause I'm nerdy like that...


  1. wow! awesome hangy basket things! i've been trying to figure out how to organize ALL of my bits and bobbins and tools..this is right on :) thanks for sharing!

  2. I've been meaning to ask you... did you take any sort of photography classes/practice a lot/what did you do because I am always so enamored with your photography. Every color, every craft just looks so delicious.