April 2, 2010

Birthday Giveaway #1

My birthday is on the 11th and to celebrate I'm going to do some fun giveaways in the next few days. Because everyone loves presents and giving is better than receiving, right? Or so they say.

Anyway, this first giveaway is for a lovely Gussy zipped pouch!

Gussy sews all sorts of cute little bags with a fun ruffle and colorful fabrics. This 8in by 4in pouch would be perfect as a make-up bag or to hold art pens, little craft supplies, travel items, whatever!

All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment with the weirdest thing in your bag/purse/backpack right now. You can get an extra entry if you tweet or blog about the giveaway. (to be honest you probably have a good shot at winning already)

The giveaway ends on my birthday, Sunday, April 11th. I'll draw names and announce the winners then. Good luck!

(PS: That book I had bought that I thought I would give away but it turned out to be lame - I mailed it back yesterday. Oh, well. Thanks for the advice.)


  1. how about a pair of fuzzy socks? is that odd? my office gets really cold :) hope i win!

  2. I have a University of Washington pen that sings "Tequila" when you twist it and its in my backpack right now!

  3. Part of my fingernail....It broke off and I couldn't leave it on a restaurant table so I put in my purse! Glad you reminded me --I went and threw it away.

    karin56381 [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. oh, super cute! The weirdest thing in my purse....is always related to my kids....I'm gonna have to say a spare diaper :)
    Sarah M

  5. oh fun! My purse is boring. The weirdest thing inside is crumpled receipts.

  6. way cute! love the ruffles - happy birthday :)

  7. so cute!! I have chapstick that got a bite taken out of it this morning by a little girl who got in big trouble :) Hope you have a wonderful birthday week! Way to start celebrating, at my house we try to celebrate all week!