April 27, 2010

Feeling Productive

Crossing off a number of items on my never ending to-do list including installing a new air filter for my car, buying more interfacing for my dress, doing laundry and picking up my finished birthday cupcake.

Birthday Cupcake

I think it turned out pretty nice!

If only all my days were so accomplished... what did you get done today?


  1. Super cute birthday cupcake! If only it could hide that awful picture behind it. Dixie-no amount of blurring will cover that terrible, awful, no good picture. The next time I'm at your apartment it may meet a terrible demise.

  2. Seriously though Gretch, do you know how much that sweater you have on in it that picture would be worth if you had it right now? That's time-capsule worthy 80's apparel.

  3. Did a tour of Parliament, met with my advisor to finally discuss my dissertation topic, started a dance course (yay for waltzing!), posted about my favorite knitter, and now working on my essay! I was also supposed to squeeze in studying somewhere in there, which turned into procrastinating and trying to convince myself that I really *didn't need to* study, but since I've done a good amount of other things, I think I'll forgive myself for that one! ;)

  4. Greta, if you didn't say anything no one would know it was you!!

    Fridica, sounds like you've been very busy and productive *jealous* That makes me want to take another dance class (only I'd have to make myself go to all the lessons). Good luck on studying/not studying. :)