April 7, 2010

Giveaway #3!

Ugh, this week has been hectic! Crazy weekend followed by crazy beginning of the week. I have a bunch of sewing projects that I need to take photos of and share. I've been trying to clean up my super messy apartment (about 40% clean so far). I've got not one, but two foster cats at my house right now separated from one another because one is sick. I need to take pics of them and start a blog for them, too, so they can get adopted quick. I also had to take someone to the ER last night with a badly cut finger. Pretty stressful week to say the least. Ugh, and I just remembered I need to go buy groceries...

Anyway, enough complaining. It's giveaway time! This is the last birthday giveaway and it's a fun one: a $25 Gift Certificate to Bake It Pretty

Pretty good for a birthday giveaway, right? And with most of their products only costing around 3 bucks you could get a lot of goodies with $25. I especially love the little miniatures you can add to decorate your finished cupcakes or other treats.

All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment with your favorite cupcake flavor/frosting combination. And as usual, you get an extra entry for tweeting/blogging.

Winners for all the giveaways will be picked on Sunday.

I really want to go bake cupcakes now! Hopefully if I do I can save them so I don't eat them all before my birthday.


  1. love love love it! my favorite is strawberry cupcake to strawberry frosting- yum!

  2. Those little masks are SO cute! My favorite cupcakes will ALWAYS be carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!!
    Sarah m

  3. oh! everything about this makes me want to bake! (and pimp out my cupcakes!) ..i love them but i really could just eat a bowl of cream cheese frosting. solo. gross, but so good! :) thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Oh, this is so cool! My favorite cupcakes are lemonade ones with strawberry icing - my summer specialty! <3

  5. I love bake it pretty! I think my favorite combination is chocolate with peanut butter frosting. mmmm..

  6. i think my favorite is strawberry with cream cheese icing. :)

  7. yay i'm bout to tweet it!!
    my favorite is hard...but i lovee ducle de leche cupcakes..carrot, chocolate, white cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Buttercream

    twitter handle is: maisquared