April 30, 2010


Trumpet Jade

Partially because I've been reading this book for my book club, lately I have been trying to make my life happier in little ways. I've been feeling down off and on this past month or so and I'm not really sure why. I am probably just in a rut and need a vacation from normal life but for the time being I can't run off to some Caribbean island so I need to find other solutions.

One part of my life I want to work on is work. At home I love decorating and making cute things and being surrounded by color and inspiration but my desk at work is lacking. Mounds of wires and dust, scraps of paper here and there. I don't have any real organization or personality here and I could really use a better chair. At least I sit by a window but my view consists of trucks and garage doors (ah, the scenery of a warehouse...) I think my little bout with carpel tunnel brought all this to my attention.

So yesterday I went out during lunch to a cute little old house turned plant nursery and bought myself a little potted plant to brighten up my days. It is trumpet jade, or so says the woman who sold it to me and I'm hoping I won't kill it. She even potted it for me and added some nice little gray rocks as an extra to cover the dirt.

Funny story, though - after I left I went to Subway to get lunch and when I turned into the parking lot my poor plant tipped over! I should have known better but I just before I moved my purse which was holding it in place in the passengers seat. All my decorative rocks fell off and mixed with dirt. I then spent the next few minutes trying to reassemble everything. In the end it turned out alright but now I need to go vacuum out my car seat!

Maybe this little plant is helping out already? Normally I'd get very upset that dirt was all over my car and I had to clean it all up but I didn't beat myself up about it and now this piece of greenery is sitting cheerfully at the corner of my not so cheerful desk.

Trumpet Jade

I want to try a few more ideas at brightening up my workspace like maybe buying some cheap but colorful organizers or buy a fun poster or art prints or do something easy and craft like this little garland. Got any good ideas or website for uncluttering and sprucing up your office?

This plant is even inspiring me to give apartment gardening another try!


  1. Dixie, I found your blog last night, and in a few short hours, have traced your wonderful DIY life back to early last year (bookmarking recipes and craft ideas along the way, of course!).

    I love this little plant. I am a fan on succulents and cacti, and this looks like an interesting and beautiful version of the former. I was wondering, do you have the name of this plant? And what is the upkeep like?

    Thanks! -JM

  2. It's called a trumpet jade and I only water in once a month. I set a timer on my phone ;) and it sits indoors next to the window. It's almost a year old and not dead yet! Probably my best gardening experience so far. Ha!