May 5, 2010

Current Projects

Something's wrong with my Adobe Illustrator and won't let me use it so I can't make a pattern for my skirt - sad... Hopefully Justin can figure out what the problem is.

Right now I'm working on:

  • A dress I'm making from this pattern (maybe I'll wear it to a wedding I'm going to on Saturday)

  • Mother's Day cards (I'm making 10 this year, eeek! That's a lot!)
  • Cupcakes that look like apples (I have to make the leaves and stems and then I'll be finished)
  • A head band project that I messed up and desperately need to finish, ha!
  • Making a skirt pattern if Illustrator stops being a meanie.
  • My summer to-do list of fun time awesomeness! Last year's model was only half completed. Maybe this year I can do better.
  • And a super secret project that heaven knows when I'll ever finish it. Probably in a month or two... exciting!

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