May 14, 2010

No Renegade for me...

Renegade craft fair is this weekend. I was really looking forward to it until I realized it was the same weekend I was going to Ft. Worth for some birthday extravaganzas for Justin's family members.

All my crafty friends are going, even my hair stylist (just got a haircut yesterday). So that makes facebook difficult to read with all the chatter from my friends about it. If I could go I'd get to see some of my favorite bloggers and learn fun new things from some of my fave craft class teachers in town. Not to mention all the cool products and inspiration.

So if you're going don't tell me about it! Don't share you pictures or show your goodies you got! Seriously, it'll just make me jealous.

At least I'll get to hang out with some fun little boys and get manis and pedis with the girls! See you Monday.

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