June 16, 2010


Even though I've tried one of the only crafty things I haven't been super interested in during my life has been jewelry making.

I love jewelry but I don't have the innate natural ability to design pretty jewelry. Most of the things I have made have been knock offs and while I can't say I'm really bad at jewelry making the inspiration doesn't flow through me like it is with sewing and other crafts.

But lately I've been having an urge to make necklaces. Not sure why. I think I need some inspiration. And while I doubt I can jump off the couch and make something as spectacular as some of the pieces below maybe if I try I can come up with something wearable...

All of the pieces below are from Etsy and I think they're gorgeous. Unfortunately most of them are way out of my price range but looking is always free! I have a huge stash of beads lying around and I really ought to do something creative with them. I need to find a good source for inexpensive vintage brooches as well. I love the brooch bib necklaces.

Click the images to go to the Etsy page.


  1. oooo! Those are really pretty! I'd love to try and make one.

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