June 7, 2010


I'd glad to say I had a well needed productive and relaxing weekend.

Saturday, I bought some craft supplies plus a new iron and ironing board. My old board's legs won't stay upright and my iron leaks water if it is more than half full. I was overdue for a new one.

I also perused an antique mall and came home with some cute doilies to use for a craft project, a 50s tea cup to use to make a candle, a fun old Texas souvenir plate for my plate collection, and a cool 50s brown and cream skirt that looks like it was hand made. It is gathered so much at the waist that it looks a little funny on me (it was probably meant to be worn with a petticoat or slip or something to get that big poofy 1950s look. I think I'm going to deconstruct it and turn it into a simple circle skirt and maybe shorten it just a couple inches.

On Sunday Justin and I went on a fun drive and had a nice little picnic out by the lake. Afterward we finally replaced my windshield wiper blades and Justin taught me how to change out my brake pads. Learn something new every day, right?


Check back tomorrow for a fun way to dress up an old tank top or t-shirt!

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