June 28, 2010

Summer time scrapping

Summer Snapshot 1

Every year I seem to blissfully forget just how unbearably hot it gets here in the summer. Those one or two times during the winter when it freezes makes me look fondly forward to warm summer time. But summer comes too soon!

As much as I love having fun outdoors by now it's too hot to go bike riding or hiking or jogging or even eating outside at any time of day. Our lows at night are still in the upper seventies! My air conditioner is working over time again.

Summer Snapshot 4

Other than the weather summer has been good to me so far. Planning a couple big trips soon, going to move at the end of the month (gotta find a new place to live!), discovered some Texas history, went swimming at a local watering hole, learned how to shoot guns (against my will, Justin's friends made me do it), got to spend lots of time with friends, went to a water park, and an impromptu car show.

Summer Snapshot 2

So I made this scrapbook page as a little "snap shot" of where my life is right now. I even got to use these cool new newspaper print chipboard letters I bought.

Summer Snapshot 3

The only thing that could have made this summer better would have been a US Soccer victory. I'm so disappointed. I never want to hear another vuvuzela again!

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