October 21, 2010

First Cake

I'm over my illness now but I was still sick the night I was supposed to go to my cake decorating class. But I was a good student and did my homework from the workbook and decorated this near disaster of a cake.

First problem: My cake wasn't done in the center. My teacher suggested a tip to keep the cake from growing a huge "dome" in the oven that you have to slice off to make a smooth top. You bake the cake a little longer at a lower temperature. I discovered that trick failed on me when I cut the top of my cake off and revealed a spongy squishy mess. Oh well, I could still decorate it, right? Even if I can't eat it?

Cupcake on a cake, cheesy, right, I know but it was good practice. I even had a bead border. Second Problem: It must have been the humidity but my cake frosting never fully "set" or became firm enough to smooth it out well which is why it looks lumpy. It was good for a first try and I got to use a few different icing tips.

I asked Peanut what grade she would give me. She meowed and said "B-." Ok, not really. What she probably said was "Leave me alone. Can't you see I'm trying to nap??"

Next class lesson is little flowers, shells, and leaves on cupcakes.

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