December 4, 2010

Holiday Goodies

Now that I sort of have two families to spend holidays with this year things have gotten a little complicated. Justin and I have to work out two of every holiday or even combine them. Yes, I know most people deal with this problem every year but little ol' small family me has always had a simpler one family holiday for everything. I'm not used to so much cross state driving in such a small period of time.

Traffic getting home from Fort Worth took 5+ hours rather than the normal 2 and a half. Ugh! But I am very grateful to have so many people to spend special days with. Last weekend we had Thanksgiving and mini Christmas combined because Justin's mom won't be spending Christmas with the rest of us this year.

Justin's mom is crafty like me so I got quite the amount of goodies this year - lots of colorful threads to add to my collection, pins, needles, elastic, sewing accessories, a carrying case for it all, AND a brand spanking new pair of Ginghers! (and even embroidery size Ginghers, too!)

I don't know how real Christmas gifts can top this. I'm so excited to use everything on my next sewing projects. Who says Christmas presents are just for kids?

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