May 25, 2010

Button Down Skirt

I've seen these kind of gathered button down skirts all over the place lately in different variations. Urban Outfitters happens to have a lot of them right now, for example. So I decided to make my own version and it's not too difficult. You can download the pattern along with the instructions.

Blue Button Down Skirt
(balloons from the party the other weekend)

The skirt has an easy elastic waistband and mine is a faux button down.

(view of the waistband from the inside)

There is the flap that has buttons buttoned on it but I never like the open spaces between buttons on your shirt that always seem to open up and give everyone around you a nice *view* so I didn't want to deal with that on the skirt either.

Button flap 2Button flap
(flap before adding buttons. The flap is held down flat by the waistband, the bottom hem and the buttons)

The flap gives the illusion that it is really held closed with the buttons.

(close up of flap with buttons sewn on. I used big navy colored buttons with a diamond design in the middle)

You could easily make a real button closure skirt and have a normal, non elastic waist if you wanted to, as well. Or make a faux button down and use a simple invisible side zip. You could also add pockets (I was going to but I got lazy and thought "nah..."), pleats, belt loops, whatever. I used plain old cotton but jersey would work well, too, for a more loose and flowy effect.

May 18, 2010

So many birthdays!

This weekend was spent celebrating a sister's, mother's and nephew's birthday (they were not all born on the same day but it was one big party) in Fort Worth.

Happy B-Day

Unfortunately I left my camera there! How will I ever survive!? Ok, so it isn't really that bad but I think it is being mailed to me so I should experience too much separation anxiety. But my skirt pictures that go along with a pattern I made are on there and so are some cute cupcake pics and party pictures. I guess that'll just have to wait.

This card was a good excuse to use my new deco tape (so pretty!) and some new Basic Grey paper.

Happy B-Day 2

May 14, 2010

No Renegade for me...

Renegade craft fair is this weekend. I was really looking forward to it until I realized it was the same weekend I was going to Ft. Worth for some birthday extravaganzas for Justin's family members.

All my crafty friends are going, even my hair stylist (just got a haircut yesterday). So that makes facebook difficult to read with all the chatter from my friends about it. If I could go I'd get to see some of my favorite bloggers and learn fun new things from some of my fave craft class teachers in town. Not to mention all the cool products and inspiration.

So if you're going don't tell me about it! Don't share you pictures or show your goodies you got! Seriously, it'll just make me jealous.

At least I'll get to hang out with some fun little boys and get manis and pedis with the girls! See you Monday.

May 12, 2010

Candle Sale!

From now until June 1 I'm having a 20% sale on all candles in my shop including choose your own scent!

Just type "maysale" in the notes section upon checkout and I'll refund the price difference. Yay!

May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Pie Card

I was looking for cute inspirational mother's day quotes to use for my mother's day cards this year and found this one that I thought was very true...

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." - Tenneva Jordan

And that was the inspiration for my pie cards. I cut a 6 in circle with these curvy scissors out of gray/silver paper, cut a smaller red circle for the "filling" and cut slightly wavy strips from this golden beige colored paper and inked the edges with a brown ink pad and interlaced them.. Then I cut out a "slice" and stamped Happy Mother's Day and glued the quote inside. For a paper "pie" I think it turned out pretty good.

Inside Mother's Day Card

What are you doing for your mom (or other moms) this mother's day?

May 6, 2010

Apple Cupcakes


I seriously have some sort of obsession. All this cupcaking and cupcake related things need to stop. But before I give myself a cupcake intervention here are some nifty apple cupcakes I made!

Making the stemsMaking the leaves

You can see the recipe and directions here. It's actually from the book What's New, Cupcake? The sequel to Hello, Cupcake, aka best cupcake related book ever.


You need some mini donuts sliced in half for the tops of the "apples," red frosting, red sprinkles and tootsie rolls for the stems and cut up green fruit chews for the leaves.


As a warning, you end up using A LOT of frosting. You need the better part of one of those standard sized cans of frosting for just about half a dozen cupcakes.


I think they turned out pretty nice, and not too many ingredients either for these kind of fancy cupcake designs. I think next I want to try the "tv dinner" cupcakes.

May 5, 2010

Current Projects

Something's wrong with my Adobe Illustrator and won't let me use it so I can't make a pattern for my skirt - sad... Hopefully Justin can figure out what the problem is.

Right now I'm working on:

  • A dress I'm making from this pattern (maybe I'll wear it to a wedding I'm going to on Saturday)

  • Mother's Day cards (I'm making 10 this year, eeek! That's a lot!)
  • Cupcakes that look like apples (I have to make the leaves and stems and then I'll be finished)
  • A head band project that I messed up and desperately need to finish, ha!
  • Making a skirt pattern if Illustrator stops being a meanie.
  • My summer to-do list of fun time awesomeness! Last year's model was only half completed. Maybe this year I can do better.
  • And a super secret project that heaven knows when I'll ever finish it. Probably in a month or two... exciting!