June 29, 2010

Moving soon

My lease is up on July 31st and I'm rushing to find a new place to call home. This year and a half has been the longest time I've stayed in one place since I first left for college. I am tired of moving but this apartment just isn't meeting my needs and I want to live in a neighborhood that feels more like a neighborhood. You know, like tree lined streets where you can ride your bike down to the store and hang out in your backyard in the afternoon.

So I'm having a big moving sale at my Etsy store. Every candle is 50% off! You should buy some for you or your friends so I don't have to pack up and move them. They smell lovely! :)

June 28, 2010

Summer time scrapping

Summer Snapshot 1

Every year I seem to blissfully forget just how unbearably hot it gets here in the summer. Those one or two times during the winter when it freezes makes me look fondly forward to warm summer time. But summer comes too soon!

As much as I love having fun outdoors by now it's too hot to go bike riding or hiking or jogging or even eating outside at any time of day. Our lows at night are still in the upper seventies! My air conditioner is working over time again.

Summer Snapshot 4

Other than the weather summer has been good to me so far. Planning a couple big trips soon, going to move at the end of the month (gotta find a new place to live!), discovered some Texas history, went swimming at a local watering hole, learned how to shoot guns (against my will, Justin's friends made me do it), got to spend lots of time with friends, went to a water park, and an impromptu car show.

Summer Snapshot 2

So I made this scrapbook page as a little "snap shot" of where my life is right now. I even got to use these cool new newspaper print chipboard letters I bought.

Summer Snapshot 3

The only thing that could have made this summer better would have been a US Soccer victory. I'm so disappointed. I never want to hear another vuvuzela again!

June 22, 2010

Mini Craft Tutorial

This is a pretty simple project so I won't do a normal craft post about it but I thought this was a great way of getting rid of scraps and is perfect for cards or scrapbooking. Cute little fabric button flowers.

You need a stack of fabric scraps cut into slightly different sized circles. I also used some fancy paper pieces that I had lying around.

I used that same kind of paper to make two "leaves."

Layer all your pieces and stitch on a button.

Thanks so much card
Attach to your card or scrapbook page.

These were so easy I want to make a whole bunch and use them in all sorts of projects. And get rid of some of this leftover fabric, too.

June 16, 2010


Even though I've tried one of the only crafty things I haven't been super interested in during my life has been jewelry making.

I love jewelry but I don't have the innate natural ability to design pretty jewelry. Most of the things I have made have been knock offs and while I can't say I'm really bad at jewelry making the inspiration doesn't flow through me like it is with sewing and other crafts.

But lately I've been having an urge to make necklaces. Not sure why. I think I need some inspiration. And while I doubt I can jump off the couch and make something as spectacular as some of the pieces below maybe if I try I can come up with something wearable...

All of the pieces below are from Etsy and I think they're gorgeous. Unfortunately most of them are way out of my price range but looking is always free! I have a huge stash of beads lying around and I really ought to do something creative with them. I need to find a good source for inexpensive vintage brooches as well. I love the brooch bib necklaces.

Click the images to go to the Etsy page.

June 14, 2010

Birthday Scrapbook Page

Birthday Scrapbook Page 1

These photos came from my birthday picnic in April. I am not sure why but I had an urge to make something using those little flagged garlands. In this case it says "Happy Birthday." I like the texture and motion it brings to the page.

Birthday Scrapbook Page 2

I just cut out little triangles, stuck some Thickers on them and threaded the triangles with pink embroidery thread. I taped the ends of the thread onto the back of the page. I also attached the triangles with those puffy sticky dot things (can't remember the name off the top of my head) to make them pop up off the page a little.

Birthday Scrapbook Page 4

I think I might try this on a smaller scale for a birthday card.

Birthday Scrapbook Page 3

Paper and stickers: Basic Grey "Cupcake"; Letters: Thickers; Rub-ons: American Crafts; Ink: American Crafts stamp pad; thread, tape

June 8, 2010

Beaded Tank Top

I saw these shirts the other day at Old Navy and immediately thought "I could make that!" Granted, all together the cost to make it myself would probably be more than the $9 Old Navy price tag but making it yourself is way more fun, right? Right. So that's what I did and it's a very simple idea and a great way to spruce up an old tank top and get rid of extra beads you might have at the same time.

Supplies: Tank top or t-shirt, a variety of small beads, needle and thread, tailor's chalk or some way to mark your lines.

Cost: About $7 for beads. I already had the shirt, thread, and gold beads

Time: 2-4 hours depending

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Casualties: beads swallowed by the couch, sore fingers

Beaded Tank 1

First you need to mark out your design. You could always free hand it but I'm not that skilled. I used a tupperware lid and a ruler to make sure everything was even.

Beaded Tank 3

Beaded Tank 4

My chalk wore off easily so I had to trace over the lines a few times during the project just so I knew which direction to stitch.

On my lines I sewed tiny red beads with gold flat beads near line intersections. Then along the red bead lines I sewed these irregular shaped red rock beads. I used red thread for the red beads and a tan-ish color thread for the gold beads.

I used a ribbed tank which stretches much more horizontally than vertically. It's good to consider the amount of stretch in the shirt so you don't sew your beads to close together or too far apart. After I finished stitching each small red bead individually I went back and stitched three or four together at a time then doubling back one bead and stitching another group.

You don't have to do that but I thought it made the bead lines straighter and they held together better when the shirt was stretched. It obviously takes more time, though.

Beaded Tank 2
(stitching view from the inside)

I also tied knots after every few beads because I'm a little paranoid that my thread will break - better to use a good strong polyester thread. It'll hold up better than cotton.

Once you have finished you will want to hand wash the shirt or at least wash it inside out on the gentle cycle from now on. You don't want to rough up the shirt and lose all the beads in the washing machine!

Because this project takes a lot of time and requires a lot of detailed hand stitching this is a great project to do while waiting for something, like for you boyfriend to pick you up from work, or for dinner to cook, or while waiting for the third season of The Tudors to finish downloading (love that show!).

June 7, 2010


I'd glad to say I had a well needed productive and relaxing weekend.

Saturday, I bought some craft supplies plus a new iron and ironing board. My old board's legs won't stay upright and my iron leaks water if it is more than half full. I was overdue for a new one.

I also perused an antique mall and came home with some cute doilies to use for a craft project, a 50s tea cup to use to make a candle, a fun old Texas souvenir plate for my plate collection, and a cool 50s brown and cream skirt that looks like it was hand made. It is gathered so much at the waist that it looks a little funny on me (it was probably meant to be worn with a petticoat or slip or something to get that big poofy 1950s look. I think I'm going to deconstruct it and turn it into a simple circle skirt and maybe shorten it just a couple inches.

On Sunday Justin and I went on a fun drive and had a nice little picnic out by the lake. Afterward we finally replaced my windshield wiper blades and Justin taught me how to change out my brake pads. Learn something new every day, right?


Check back tomorrow for a fun way to dress up an old tank top or t-shirt!

June 2, 2010


My apologies for my recent absense from blogland but I've been taking a little break from crafting and the computer. I spend way too much time on the internet and not enough time actually crafting. In fact I've been crafting so little that the other day I realized I couldn't find my modge podge. I looked everywhere and because my apartment is a wreck right now I figured I'll probably never find it. Well, finally I did. It was stuffed behind a bag of cat food...

To hold you over until I get back in to creative mode here are a few projects lately that have caught my eye.

Cute camera strap from Crap I've Made

Nice alternative to the default black Canon one that came with my camera and the ruffles are a fun way to dress it up.

Photo Necklace from
Five Little Crafty Birdies

So simple but it turns out really cute. Rachel is also having a little giveaway on her blog. Go enter to win an adorable little sewing needle case. (She also made this lovely pin cushion for me!)

Anthropologie inspired pillow from
Crafter Hours

I loved this idea! And it's such a great way to use up those pesky scraps lying around that I always keep thinking someday I'll use them...

Vintage Necklace Re-Do from
Miss Makes-a-Lot

I love colorful vintage jewelry but I know that I probably wouldn't wear it (not always my style). Now I'm inspired to go rework cool vintage beads into something new.


Life is going to get busy for me soon - moving in a couple months, lots of traveling this summer. I'm going to try my best to keep up!