November 30, 2010

Dixie DIY Christmas: Doily candle holders

Supplies: different sized paper doilies, candle holders, candles, scissors, tape or glue

Cost: doilies about $1.50 to $1.99 for a pack of 20, candles and holders I already had

Time: about 30 min if you use tape, longer with glue because you should let the glue fully dry

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: None

I don't have a fireplace in this apartment so instead I'm using it as an opportunity to decorate other surfaces this Christmas. This is my dresser in my bedroom.

I cut some of the bigger doilies to make them shorter and I slightly overlapped the different sizes around the glass.

You could glue the doilies on which would look smoother but I want to be able to reuse these candle holders in some other way later so I just taped them.

The doilies would look cute on votive holders, too.

I found these cool vintage red ball ornaments at an antique mall and scattered them around on the dresser. Luckily I had a few leftover for my tree.

I think I might use these scraps for a card making project later...

If you don't have a fireplace/mantel will you still hang up stockings? I doubt I will, mostly because I can't find them in whatever box they are lodged in the far reaches of the garage. What about other special places to put groupings of holiday decorations?

November 29, 2010

Dixie DIY Christmas: Vintage Brooch Ornaments

These ornaments are so easy to do I won't bother with detailed costs and things. All you do is attach those little hook ornament holders onto the backs of brooches and hang on a branch.

They are sparkly and small so you can add them near the top of your tree where other ornaments would look too bulky. And if you ever want to wear the brooch you can just take it off of your tree!

The bell one is actually a pendant which I didn't notice at first but it works just the same. I bought these two at an antique mall the other day.

November 27, 2010

Vintage Christmas via Etsy

click on images for sources

I don't have a milkman to give this to but I still want the card. It's adorable!

I remember my Grandma had little wooden painted ornaments like these.

I have a little decorating project coming up with vintage brooches like these.

So cute!

Cupcake toppers!

These glasses would be perfect for a Christmas party.

I'm on the road again visiting more family for a second Thanksgiving and partial early Christmas. That's what happened when you have so much family - bonus holidays and extra eating. :)

November 26, 2010

Dixie DIY Christmas: Glitter Glue Ornaments

Supplies: glass ball ornaments, glitter glue

Cost: $1 per glitter glue, a few dollars for a pack of ornaments

Time: a few hours or more depending on how long the glue dries

Difficulty: Moderate

Casualties: Sticky fingers

I've done ornaments like this in the past but with regular glue and then sprinkled super fine glitter over it but that seemed like to much trouble.

This year I went to the craft store and bought some glitter glue on sale and I already had a few left over plain frosted ornaments at home. I made little stands for the ornaments to dry on by cutting up a toilet paper roll into sections.

I didn't have much of a design plan in mind so they are all unique. On one I used only white and drew feathers. On the others I used multiple colors and painted one color at a time and let the ornament dry before doing the next color. The glue takes a few hours to dry fully.

Here are a couple tips: my glitter glue bottles were very hard to squeeze - maybe think about buying more ergonomic bottles if that is a possibility. Also make sure you buy bottles with narrow tips. You don't want the glitter coming out in big globs - unless of course you do want that.


I put up my green tree today, yay! Now I just have to find out where the rest of my decorations are...

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm taking a break today on Dixie DIY Christmas to enjoy some delicious food and watch the parade on TV. For all you US people, hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2010

Dixie DIY Christmas: Felt Stocking Ornament

Supplies: red and white felt, embroidery thread and needle, glue

Cost: if you've been doing some of the other projects you probably already have all the supplies otherwise you could buy everything for less than $3

Time: about 15 min depending on how fast you stitch

Difficulty: Super Easy

Casualties: At some point I had misplaced my white felt and thought I'd never find it. Obviously I did eventually.

This is a small ornament, only about 3in wide. I drew a quick template for the red part of the stocking and cut out two pieces.
After stitching all the way around the two red pieces I left a few inches of thread still attached so I can have a way to hang the ornament later.

I then cut a rectangle of white felt that is a little more than twice as long as the top of the red part of the stocking.

I put a line of glue along the top edge and glued the white piece with the seam in the back.

Lastly make a loop with that leftover thread so you can hang the ornament or put it on an ornament hook.

This is a really quick and easy craft and also a good use for scraps.

I'll be spending time with family for Thanksgiving tomorrow but I'll be back Friday with a new pretty craft!

November 23, 2010

Dixie DIY Christmas: Embroidered Ornament

Supplies: very small embroidery hoop, fabric, ribbon, needle, scissors, glue, embroidery thread, buttons or beads or other embellishments for your tree.

Cost: $0.50 for hoop, $1.29 for beads and I already had everything else

Time: about 45 min depending on how fast you stitch

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: None!

I glued my fabric to the inner part of the big hoop ring since I'm going to trim off the extra fabric anyway. If the fabric were to ever fall out post-trim it would be a pain to get it back on the hoop just right. This way I know it isn't going anywhere!

You could embroider whatever you want on your ornament but I went with a tree.

I drew a little sketch on the back of my fabric with tailor's chalk. I used unbleached muslin for a more country antique feel.

Then I simply stitched my tree.

I found a star button at the bottom of a box (way to use up old supplies, yay!) and glued it to the top of the tree. Then I glued small gold beads to the tree branches as tiny ornaments. You could stitch these on, too, but I'm a lazy crafter so I just glued them instead. Ha!

Finally trim off the excess fabric and tie a ribbon so you can hang it from your tree!


As you can see I have put up my tree already. Well, one tree. I have another artificial regular old green tree to get out of the garage and put in the living room on to which most of my new ornaments will go. This white one is in the bedroom and is a little more retro/mod themed with just pink and blue as the only real color and the green tree will be more traditional and handmade. When I'm old I'm going to be one of those women with a Christmas tree in every room! Sort of like an old crazy cat lady only much more festive and less hairy.

Thank you in Spanish

I took three years of Spanish in high school and four semesters in college and I still can't speak it very well.

But I can make a pretty good taco if I tried. If I ever moved away from Texas I think I'd miss Mexican food the most.

It is difficult to tell from the picture but I used some dimensional dots to make the taco shell look more 3D on this card.

November 22, 2010

Dixie DIY Christmas: Present Card

Supplies: scrapbook paper, ribbon, glue, paper cutter, scissors

Cost: free for me because I already had everything but you could get paper and ribbon for less than $3.

Time: 15 min or less

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties:  None!

For this "gift wrapped" card I cut patterned paper 5in by 12in. This works best with paper that is not directional.

I folded either side of the of the paper 3 and 1/2 in from either side. This makes a nice 5in by 5in "box" with the flaps overlapping.

On the inside I cut a slightly smaller square with fancy scissors and glued it inside for my message.

Lastly I measured out a length of ribbon to tie around my "gift." I only glued the ribbon to the backside of the card. To open the card you have to untie and unwrap the "gift."

You could make a smaller version for a gift card which would be a little more fun to open than just a card cover.

Christmas Vintage Shopping

I went to search out some supplies for upcoming Christmas projects this weekend. I was partially successful. I found a couple cute vintage cards from the 60s to re-purpose. More on that later...

I also bought a pretty vintage ornament for my tree this year and a set of glasses and a bowl. They are supposed to be for egg nog but instead I'll use them as a punch bowl at my gift wrapping party in December.

November 21, 2010

Double Layer Skirt

I made this skirt myself without a pattern using some cool printed lightweight cotton from my favorite fashion fabric store in town.

I might post a printable pattern for it if I find the time to draw it out. It is pretty simple - a pencil skirt base and a circle skirt layer over it attached to a waist band and closed with a back invisible zipper. I might make another version maybe with an exposed zipper.

November 20, 2010


This is the pile of craft supplies I brought upstairs (four trips!) to my third floor apartment from my garage. And that is not even including the sewing supplies I already had upstairs.

I am almost embarrassed at the amount of crafty junk I have amassed over a relatively short number of years. I am still missing some things and for the life of me I cannot find the box with my printer in it.

One thing I found amongst this mess was my map pieces I needed to complete my "art map" that hangs in my bedroom. I needed to add more highways since I traveled so much (and so far - across 21 states!) this summer.

November 19, 2010

Dixie DIY Chirstmas: Mini Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

Supplies: mini muffin tin, scrapbook paper and embellishments, glue, sticky back magnets, circle punch or pen and scissors, treats or notes to put behind each number.

Cost: $5 for magnets, already had the muffin tin and paper, $4 for two packets of glitter chipboard letters

Time: About and hour if you have a punch, about 4 hours if you cut circles by hand.

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: The craft store didn't have two packs of the same letter that I wanted to use so I had to go to a second store - you're going to need a lot of 1s!

I thought I was pretty cool when I came up with this idea until I found about a dozen other people on the net who have done the exact same. Oh, well. It is still a good project and fun for kids, too, to decorate each circle.

My circles were pretty simple. First I cut 24 magnet pieces using a container with a base slightly larger than the opening of each muffin holder.

Using scalloped scissors I cut a layer of paper to place on top of the magnet. The paper edge hangs over the magnet edge just slightly.

I cut slightly smaller circles from patterned paper and inked the edges for dimension and glued those onto the center of the scalloped circle.

Finally I stuck some chipboard letters (yay, Thickers!) slightly off center on top.

The muffin tin is a great size for a little Hershey's kiss or a rolled up note and after Christmas you can still bake with it.

My tin didn't have holes punched through the metal but if it did you could hang the whole thing on a wall with a pretty ribbon. Or you can just lean it up against the mantle.

This is my first Advent Calendar ever, not just that I have made. We never had one growing up, not sure why. There's a first time for everything, right?