January 4, 2011

Resolve Scrapbook Page of Resolutions


I normally don't make New Years resolutions but for some reason I feel compelled to do so this year. And naturally something like that can become a crafting opportunity, in this case an interactive scrapbook page.

By interactive I mean you have to reveal each resolution to read it (you'll have to take the page out of the clear protector sheet in the album). One is under a piece of scrap fabric, another is hidden behind paper gates or in a little envelope. With the tag you slip it out of the little diagonal slits used to hold the tag and flip it over to read.

Here are my resolutions in no particular order:

Finish Unfinished Projects: I already wrote about this concerning craft projects but this also extends to other things in my daily life that I lack motivation to work on like getting my finances in order or cleaning out my car completely so I can get my carpets cleaned. Oh, and finally finish that book I've been reading since Freshman year of college. Bad Dixie!

One thing at a Time: This is a big problem I have. I almost constantly am making plans for the future and thinking way too far ahead - house, car, marriage, vacation, kids. I need to take a step back and just worry about today or at least the next few months. Anything can change in the future and trying to work it all out now is unneeded stress. I blame my job for this a bit. With so much downtime at work my mind (and my computer mouse) tends to wander. One thing, or one big life changing move, at a time.

Communicate: This is a specific problem I think I inherited from my family. We don't tell each other about important details or events. For example, if a relative of mine was hospitalized I don't end up hearing about until he's been released. Um, doesn't something serious like that warrant a phone call? Or I may try several days in a row to call a family member with no answer only days later for her to call back saying they were in another state all week. What if something critical occurred while you were gone and I didn't even know you were away? I'm not this bad but I do tend to run off to a store across town or visit a friend and don't answer the phone and my boyfriend never knows where I am. I can't expect him to know what's going on in my head so I should at least send a text so he doesn't plan a big dinner only to come home and find out that I've gone to a movie. I need to remember to do this, though. It is not a usual consideration of mine. Bad bad Dixie!

Don't Gossip: Oooh, this is a good one. Gretchin Rubin's book The Happiness Project (which we read for my book club a few months back. I liked the book but for some reason I liked her blog more) got me thinking about this one in a new way and helped me to redefine the word "gossip." Now my definition is broad enough to include nearly any negative talk about anyone at all. I never realized how much gossiping I do unintentionally, especially regarding family (when you don't have much in common with your family other than that you are family, what else do you talk about?). I'm going to try to be less nosy and when people start to say negative things about someone (even if they are talking about someone I've never met. So how do I even know she's a two faced b*itch anyway?) I'm going to resist the urge to hear juicy details and change the subject. One point in Rubin's book about gossip mentioned that when you say negative things about other people the person listening to the gossip subconsciously associates those negative comments with you. So the next time you vent to your friend that some girl is a liar and a man stealer your friend might slowly begin to think you are an untrustworthy skank instead...

Don't be an "I told you so" Person: You know those kinds of people, and you hate them, right? So do I but sometimes I feel myself wanting to say it to someone for whatever reason. "See, you were wrong, now feel worse about it because I'm angry you didn't listen!" I think it is better in those instances to keep quiet. Even when my boyfriend embarks on another one of his crazy over-ambitious ideas when he is underprepared and doesn't consider the amount of time necessary to complete the task and I know it will ultimately fail and possibly end in flames (or me fixing it) and then it does fail, as usual. Nope, I won't say it, even though I really really want to.

Don't interrupt and learn to listen: I think this is an only child thing - never having more than one other person to talk to at a time. Growing up I also had many other only child friends and not big groups of friends at play dates. I never learned how to properly interrupt in a conversation. I come up with ideas that I want to share so badly in a conversation and I need to learn to listen more than want to talk and learn that it is not a big deal if I don't get to add what I want to say into the mix. Just let it go and let other people talk. Now that I think about it those last three resolutions could be combined into one: Shut your pie hole! But that sounds a little harsh, don't you think?

Spread Love: And lastly I have a little note to Spread Love. Even if it is just a small comment on someone's blog or a Facebook friend's wall or a compliment or a card. I often think nice or supportive things about someone but don't say it (or type it) and receiving little things like that always make me smile. I should do that more for other people every day, even if I don't know them that well or haven't talked to them in a long time. Did you spread some love today?


  1. Cute layout, I could very well have written your first two resolutions myself. I've chosen "finish" as my word for the year, and I know I will have to fight my tendency to jump around from project to project. I believe the benefits of multi-tasking are mythical - and women seem to fall prey to the myth more than men - could it be they are wiser? (Naah!) Good luck to you with all your resolutions.

  2. thanks, FINISH is an awesome word for this year. I should adopt that word for my entire life.