January 5, 2011

Thank you card for Christmas

I have many thank you cards to make and send to relatives here and there for Christmas gifts. This is just the first. I used the little hot air balloon stamp I bought a few weeks ago and got to use a marker from a giant set that Justin's dad got me. I also used a strip of leftover fabric for a quick ruffle. Yay for using up scraps!

I'm glad that all the holidays are finally over and I'm looking forward to spring! But not too fast. Winters in Austin are so mild it already feels like springtime. I love what you can do in Austin January weather. I wore a tank top and a thin blazer to work today. It would not be unusual to go to the local ice cream place and eat on the outside patio. Most of the things people up north have to wait to do in the summer (hiking, swimming, bike riding on trails) I could do right now. Sure, I'd like to have chilly or even snowy weather around Christmas time but once the holidays pass I'm over the whole cold thing. I wish it would stay this nice outside a little longer, like through August.

*Also, I hope you like the nice new blog redesign... going for more pink this time around.


  1. eee! what a cute idea and what a cute card :D
    i miss austin... :)

  2. thank you :) I know so many people who have left Austin and have said the same thing. Its a pretty cool little town.