February 9, 2011

One shoulder inspiration

After making my first one shoulder dress now I'm itching to make another. I think next time I'll try woven fabric which is a whole different ball game than knit.

Click on pics for stores.

I love the print on this one and I really want to try that ruffle along the top.


I love pretty shoulder details on these.

This dress is in a knit fabric like mine and it wouldn't be too hard to make this - add a diagonal cut ruffle gathered at the shoulder, add a waist band and make the skirt a wrap skirt.


What about with a sleeve?


I like the idea of diagonal lines on this dress.

Pretty pattern and color combo! I love this dress design!


  1. hey dixiediy, this is SO awesome! i just dl the pattern ofr the girls in my sewing club in heidelberg, germany. i made a very tight cocktail dress version of the one shoulder dress and all the irls wanted to make it.
    but since it's a beginners class and my dress needs a zipper, i suggested the girls make something else...
    now they can do it!! i think thats so wonderful that you shared it. when i saw the dress i wanted to post a link on my blog about it and infact i wanted to do exactly the same as you: propose ideas how to embellish that dress! i would just like to link to them now, if i may!

    all the best with your pattern making experiences and many greetings!


  2. thank you! I'm glad your dress turned out well. I think that is the first version made from that pattern that I have heard about. Sure, go ahead and link to it. That is very nice of you. Thanks again for the kind words. :)

  3. Cute! I love the ones with the embellishment on the shoulder.