February 14, 2011

Valentine's Vacay

Justin and I have never intentionally tried to plan super sweet sugary cute activities for Valentine's Day but some how we end up making it special without trying.

A couple years ago we didn't do much (in fact, I think I painted my apartment on Feb 14th) but Justin did buy me a 4 pound jar of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (my favorite!). That took over 4 months to consume all the good beans (the bad ones we just threw out. popcorn, yuck).

Last year we went to the farmer's market and the Cathedral of Junk, a local Austin off the beaten path attraction.

This year we drove a couple hours south to San Antonio where we spent Saturday night at a hotel on the Riverwalk, ate probably the best chicken fajitas I ever had, then went to the Alamo and a little sight seeing the next day followed by a trip to some local caverns.


Quite romantic if you ask me and we didn't intend for it to be a Valentine's trip, it was just a good weekend for both of us to get out of town.

Reasons why I love Justin and why he is a great travel buddy:
- He doesn't get upset when I'm super hungry (and therefore grumpy) and we haven't eaten since breakfast.
- He drives when I ask him to even though he doesn't really like to.
- He lets me do all the pre-planning I want.
- He'll go anywhere and let me see every monument I want no matter how boring it is.
- He tells me I'm good at directions which makes me feel better when I can't find that stupid highway onramp.
- He takes multiple pictures of me because he knows I'll just complain that I wasn't smiling right in that last one.

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