March 11, 2011

Inspiration Binder from Old Magazines

I'm moving soon (I hope I hope I hope!) and I need to purge things before I start packing. One of those would be my huge stack of magazines. The pile is much more than this. I haven't gone through them all yet. I decided to tear and cut out my favorite pages and images from all these magazines, paste them into an inspiration note book and toss the rest into recycling.

Most people have done this before in their lives but here are a few extra tips. Besides the obvious (scissors, notebook/binder and paper, hole punch) you will need:

  • Fun printed masking tape - because regular tape is so boring. ;) Search Etsy for the best deal.
  • If you're like me and you dislike glue sticks then these adhesive tape runners are nifty and easy to use.
  • Because you'll want to take notes to remember why you stuck that picture of a lady in a giant yellow hat grab some pens. More importantly grab a white gel pen like these to write directly on top of dark pictures so you can see your notes.

I like dividing mine into sections - fashion/style, home decor, food, and random fun pictures/words/art that don't fit anywhere else.

Sometimes I just tear out whole pages or articles. In that case try to tape/glue the backsides of two pages together to make one page. That way when you look back later you're not left wondering why you tore out a hot pocket ad page - oh wait, I remember, it was for the article on maxi dresses on the other side!

Glue on a paper pocket on the inside of the binder to hold extra cut outs that don't fit on other pages or you're not sure if you want to include them or not.

Now I have a nice neat binder with all my favorite clippings and a big cardboard box filled with magazines waiting to be recycled.


  1. Oh that looks so fun! One of these days I am going to do that :)

  2. I've been meaning to do this for a long time, but so far my old magazines just sit in a pile. My "problem" is that I read a lot of blogs, so much of my inspiration comes from them. Makes it harder to keep all inspiration in binders.

  3. your blog is so cute and inspiring!

  4. thanks!

    eitchy - I have the same "problem." i usually bookmark things I like buy might be a new alternative to bookmarking for me.