March 21, 2011

Vintage Pattern Love

Lately I've been oogling over beautiful vintage patterns. I'm especially smitten with 1950s and 60s designs. But the cost of some of them and the fact that they are so hard to find in the right size (and I don't really like to grade patterns up or down myself - too lazy, ha!) make it hard for me to want to buy them. But they are oh so lovely!

I wonder if I might be able to recreate some of them myself just using my own pattern blocks or alter some other patterns? Most are pretty simple designs. And my skills are moderately good enough to make these vintage looks from scratch.

Here are some of my recent favorite from Etsy. Click the pictures for sources.

The gathers on top are gorgeous.

Cute tops! I've been a little obsessed with these sloped style sleeves lately a-la so many 1950s designs.

Cool design on the hip!

Sometimes I think the little girl's patterns are even cuter than the adult's.

Love the stripe detail on the bodice.

I wonder if I could make these 50s pleated skirts from scratch?

Cute peter pan collar!

These dresses and jackets look easy enough to make.

I also love these simple mod 60s shift dress designs.

That X color block design is so cool!

I really like these simple jackets with the pencil skirts.

Love the mod style lines and the pockets.

Do you own/use vintage patterns? What are your favorite places to find them? Have you ever bought any of the vintage reprints from the big pattern companies?


  1. I have a huge collection of patterns and have never paid very much for them either. You can still find themin charity shops here in the UK and I have picked up bucket loads from people having clearouts on Freecycle too.
    I've bought a Butterick reprint but haven't gotten round to using it yet.
    BTW I too, am mildlyobsessed with Peter Pan collars. You've picked some real beauties here. Really classy.

  2. Love the looks - wish I could pull that off!

    I just wanted you to know I gave you an award on my blog :)

  3. I love vintage patterns too. I have only made two different dresses for myself from vintage patterns and I actually made them a little bigger on purpose, because I thought according to the measurements they would be too tight at my waist (I have a straight boys figure, boo) but they ended up being way too huge.

    I just made my little 5 yr old a dress from a vintage pattern and it looks so cute on her. I actually just blogged it also.

    I have found quite a few patterns at rummage and estate sales. Good luck.