September 26, 2011

Made by you!

Partially finished craft/sewing room
Whoa - would ya look at that?? That's my craft room! Well, from a couple months ago. Now there is more utilitarian stuff on the walls and more trash and scraps in general but you get the idea...

Greetings readers - no new projects today. I've had one of those unproductive weeks that come around every once in awhile but I'll be back in the swing of things soon. I've got a long sewing to do list and several ideas that need to be fleshed out.

In the meantime I am thinking of adding a page on my blog dedicated to projects made by others using my patterns. I love seeing other sewers' interpretations of my patterns that I have on this blog and I've saved a few in my bookmarks but I really should make a formal list.

So, if you have made something using one of my patterns and you have a blog or online photo album or something, please, leave me a link and I will list it on my new page.


  1. It's great! A really comfortable place, very bright. I love it!
    One question: What software do you use to draw the patterns? Do you use MacroGenerator by Pattern Maker? What do you think about this program?

  2. Ah! I forgot... I made a dress with your pattern "One shoulder dress".
    I never took pics, but I do tomorrow and I'll send you.

  3. That's what I made, thanks to you :)

  4. Dey, I just use Adobe Illustrator and a whole lot of math. I don't have the money right now for real pattern software.

    Thanks Jessica! That dress looks great!