September 23, 2011

Pattern Review Featured Member

I got a surprise while checking my email this morning. I received a note from saying I was a featured member. I say surprised because one - I don't have that many reviews and I don't participate in forums,contests or anything else besides pattern reviews for that matter, and honestly I'd never even noticed the featured member section before. Oops. I guess I feel a little undeserving. Regardless, that was a nice thing to wake up to and now I feel like I ought to add more reviews!

So let me take this moment to ask if any of you dear readers have a Pattern Review account. If so leave me your link! I want to check out other reviewers. Maybe it will even motivate me to participate more on the site? At the very least it will give me a chance to be inspired by your creations. ;)


  1. Congrats!!! And well deserved. Your work is most stylish and suits you perfectly. Yes, I am also a PatternReviewer follower - Doobee64 - a sewer from Down Under. Looking forward to seeing many more of your creations in the future....Doobee64

  2. Congrats Dixie!
    Yo no se qué es Pattern review pero ahora me dejaste la intriga hahaha así que ya mismo busco y averiguo.
    Te invito a visitar mi blog:
    Es nuevo y todavía está en construcción pero sería para mi un gran honor que fueses mi primera visita. Tu fuiste mi inspiración!!!

  3. I do like Pattern Review. It's saved me from a few sewing disasters in the past. Just checked your reviews out, I especially like the maxidress and the paper bag skirt. I'm (assuming I typed that cut and paste is on the blink!)

  4. I am a recent member of pattern review and love the insights I get from others before cutting out my fabric or even buying patterns. I am: LM2HYD :)

  5. Congrats. I'm a member. You can find me under CreativeDiva. The I haven't done much creating lately.

  6. Thanks for sharing ladies! I'm going to look all of you up!

    debora - you're lucky I read a little spanish, as for writing spanish - I am not so good. I'll check out your new blog!