October 29, 2011

Baby Size Button Down - Kwik Sew 3730

Baby Button Down

Everyone say "awww!!"

My co-worker and his wife are having a baby next March and they just found out it's a boy. So, keeping with my goal of a handmade Christmas I made them a baby shirt!

Baby Button Down

This is the first time I've ever made kid clothes and I think this little shirt is adorable!

I didn't know how to display this tiny shirt. Obviously I don't have a baby available nor did I have a tiny baby size hanger so I just taped the shirt to the wall, ha!

Baby Button Down

The fabric is a vintage plaid I got from the store where I intern. The base color is a yellowy-cream that doesn't come through well in these pictures.

The pattern, which I got for free from the store (sweet!) is Kwik Sew 3730. I liked the pattern because it had 1/4in seam allowances which made it easy to sew with my serger.

Baby Button Down

I cut the back yoke and the front pocket on the bias for a little extra interest and topstitched my seams.
I made the 3 to 6 months size because I figure they've already accumulated enough newborn size clothes from friends and family already.

I make so much clothing for myself that it's fun to make something for someone else and with a baby I don't have to worry about fitting and picking the right size because he'll just grow into it.

Have you ever made clothes for other people's kids?


  1. Awwwwwww indeed! Soooooo sweet!

  2. Joining the collective "awwwww!"

    I love sewing baby clothes. Something about making something miniature...

  3. It's great! Very manly
    And yes, I made clothes for my only child, Lucrecia (She's 19 years now) and for my niece Isabella. Visit my blog, http://lasmanualidadesdedebora.blogspot.com/2011/10/conjunto-de-bebe-con-el-paso-paso.html
    I have a tutorial there! In Spanish, of course, cause I'm from Argentina but I hope won't a problem for you (Google translate can help you) ;)

  4. That's funny because I was actually JUST talking to a friend about plaid shirts. That's going to be one stylish baby boy. :)

    -Sally Mars

  5. This shirt is so cute! I'm looking to make some baby clothes for my new nephew. Thanks for the post!